Breast augmentation surgery (often referred to as breast implant surgery) is a common cosmetic procedure that aims to enhance the overall appearance of breasts. You and your surgeon will discuss size, shape, contour, symmetry and volume when considering the best fit for your body. The decision to undergo breast implant surgery is a personal one and that’s why at Cosmétique Gold Coast, we are dedicated to providing you with all the necessary information and options required to make this decision.



Whether you’re looking to accentuate natural curves to allow your clothes to wear better, or recover lost breast volume post-pregnancy, breast augmentation surgery at Cosmétique Gold Coast guarantees an exceptional cosmetic surgery experience.

What makes us different?

  • Highly professional and specialised surgeons

  • We offer high quality breast implants

  • We provide tailored treatment plans to achieve your desired look

  • Comprehensive and exceptional post-operative care

At Cosmétique Gold Coast, we are committed to offering breast implants at an affordable price. Our breast augmentation procedures start at $5,990.

This cost includes:

  • Licensed, private hospital

  • Anaesthetist fees

  • Premium breast implants

  • Breast augmentation specialist surgeons

  • Follow up appointments with aftercare service

Payment plan options are available. Contact us on (07) 3062 2368 to find out more about our interest-free plans.

PLEASE NOTE: All cosmetic procedures are conducted at our Brisbane clinic.


If you’re considering undergoing breast augmentation surgery, choose Cosmétique. Book a consultation at our Gold Coast clinic to get started on your breast augmentation process. During the consultation, we will cover all aspects of the breast implant surgery and discuss your options and any concerns you may have. Patients who wish to proceed will get a subsequent appointment where the sizing and surgical dates are finalised. Please note that all follow up consultations post-surgery are complimentary.

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1) We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason at any time.
2) Prices for our procedures are subject to change without notice Unless a time-limited quotation has been provided or the procedure has been paid for’
3) Applying to cases, were actual treatment, not including consultation, has not commenced, We reserve the right at any time to modify or discontinue the Service (or any part or content thereof) without notice at any time.
4) Timing of procedure to be agreed between patient and practitioner at the time of the initial consultation and cannot be discussed in advance, due to multiple factors, including but not limited to availability of operating theatres and specialists
5) Results may vary for each person and cannot be guaranteed
6) Prior to the initial consultation, you will be required to take and email 6 images in total. All photos should be taken from neck to your hips. This process is to help our cosmetic surgeons decide the suitability of the procedure in light of the desired outcomes. If it has been deemed that a patient is not suitable for the procedure prior to the consultation, the consultation fee will be refunded in full
7) Further Clinical Images may need to be taken at the time of consultation
8) I understand that the consultation process is very important and it is recommended to set aside 1 hour to discuss the procedure with our Cosmetic Surgeon. It is recommended you attend with your partner and/or a friend. We strongly recommended children not be brought into the consultation
9) Refunds, partial refunds or discounts do not apply for the consultation fee or the procedure.
10) Cosmetic procedures usually do not attract Medicare rebates.
11) By proceeding with the consultation, I understand that I am not permitted to discuss any aspects of the consultation, treatment and/ and outcomes in any public or private forum, blog post, review page or social media is not permitted without written consent from Australasian Health Group PTY LTD
12) 10% GST applies to all Cosmetic Goods and Services provided
13) Credit card surcharge of 2.2% applies for all domestic credit card transactions