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At Cosmetique, our ultra premium cheek fillers can help you get higher cheekbones and an improved facial profile without surgery, pain or downtime.  With multiple locations across Perth, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Melbourne and more, our team at Cosmétique can help you achieve an amazing and natural looking profile in a safe medical environment

Trust & Expertise

At Cosmétique, we treat thousands of patients each month across our clinics. Our cheek lip fillers injections are performed by our highly skilled team of cosmetic injectors and surgeons. Our surgeons have reviewed and assessed all the cheek fillers available in the market to ensure we select the best filler to meet your needs and budget.

Every cheek filler appointment starts with a bespoke consultation to discuss your desired aesthetic results. All patents under go a consultation with our doctor and after the procedure, our patients receive comprehensive aftercare.


Non Surgical Cheek Fillers are an ideal option for flattening or hollow cheeks caused by volume loss, weight loss or ageing. As we age, we loose skin elasticity, but also elasticity in the deeper soft tissue layers of the face. Further, there is age related bony resorption along the bony prominences such as the cheek bones. All of these lead to a flattening of the facial features as well as downward migration of the these tissues and fat pads that increase the prominence of grooves such as naso-labial folds.

Treatment with fillers

Volume can be re-introduced by strategically placing high density (high G prime) Dermal Fillers along the cheeks which address the flattening or hollowness. At Cosmétique, we approach this correction in a very artistic way, always mindful to create a very natural ‘look’ that does not in any way suggest that the cheeks have been filled. We also use very premium fillers that have the best safety record based on published medical literature.

Our ultra premium cheek filler, on average, lasts up to 24-36 months. The correction is noticeable immediately and you can return to regular activities straightaway. Immediately after treatment, you may have some temporary, minimal swelling of the area

permanent results

Some patients prefer to have treatment with long-lasting or permanent results. At Cosmétique we prefer treatment modalities that yield permanent results as this in the best interest of the patient- clinically and financially.

Permanent Cheek augmentation can be done with the help of fat transfer, permanent fillers and cheek implants. Fat Transfer to cheeks is by far the most preferred by our patients.

At Cosmetique, we have several clinics located across Australia, including Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane and more. To find your nearest clinic, please use the booking form below or call 1300 320 272 to chat to a member of our team.


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03) Cosmétique does not provide treatment to persons under the age of 18 and we reserve the right to ask for proof of age
04) Treatment is not suitable for those who have relative or absolute contraindications to treatment
05) Timing of procedure to be agreed upon between patient and practitioner
06) All patients (full fee, discounted free, free treatment or otherwise) are required to undertake a medical assessment prior to treatment
07) Patients are required to disclose their current medical history, past medical history, psychological history, past cosmetic history, medication usage and drug allergies as a part of the initial consultation
08) Cosmétique reserves the right to refuse treatment to patients (full fee, discounted free, free treatment or otherwise) based on clinical grounds, psychological grounds or mismatch between desired and likely results.
09) Swelling Immediately Post treatment contributes to volume that depletes as swelling resolves
10) Filler in the Lips metabolise over time and is affected by modifiable and non- modifiable biological factors of the patient
11) Cosmetique CANNOT guarantee the effect or the duration of the filler
12) Results vary for each person
13) All additional treatment will be charged at full price- No free top ups are included
14) All patients require a consultation prior to treatment. Cosmétique offers free consultations for all treatments.
15) Cosmétique offers subsequent complementary consultations prior to undergoing treatment to address any questions or concerns
16) Patients are under no obligation to proceed with treatment after consultation
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18) Results may vary for each person
19) Longevity of action and results of treatment may vary between people.
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