At Cosmétique, fat dissolving injections are administered under the guidance of our highly skilled Cosmetic Surgeons. Our highly skilled team of doctors and surgeons are trained and accredited by The Australasian Collage of Cosmetic Surgeons or similar.


Fat Dissolving Injections are an injectable Schedule 4 drug that can reduce the fat under the chin and help redefine your jawline, effectively eliminating your double chin without surgery. Fat under the chin is common yet under treated in both men and women.

Fat under the chin is influenced by several factors including

  • Aging

  • Genetics

  • Weight gain

  • Diet

what to expect?

No preparation needed prior to procedure. After a review by our medical team, the fat pocket will be mapped out. We then apply a nerve block to ensure a painless procedure. The treatment only takes around 10-15 minutes in total.

Immediately after:  The chin area feels a swollen and warm
Day 1-3: Swelling may start resolving
Day 7: The chin area may feel slightly hard
Week 6: The fat pad starts reducing in size



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When would you like an appointment?

01) Bookings (via phone or online) are required
02) We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason at any time
03) Cosmétique does not provide treatment to persons under the age of 18 and we reserve the right to ask for proof of age
04) Treatment is not suitable for those who have relative or absolute contraindications to treatment
05) Timing of procedure to be agreed upon between patient and practitioner
06) All patients (full fee, discounted free, free treatment or otherwise) are required to undertake a medical assessment prior to treatment
07) Patients are required to disclose their current medical history, past medical history, psychological history, past cosmetic history, medication usage and drug allergies as a part of the initial consultation
08) Cosmétique reserves the right to refuse treatment to patients (full fee, discounted free, free treatment or otherwise) based on clinical grounds, psychological grounds or mismatch between desired and likely results.
09) Patients may require less or more product (schedule 4 medication or otherwise) to treat the selected area and to achieve the desired result
10) The amount of product (schedule 4 medication or otherwise) administered will be determined solely at the discretion of the prescribing medical practitioner.
11) All patients require a consultation prior to treatment. Cosmétique offers free consultations for all treatments.
12) Cosmétique offers subsequent complementary consultations prior to undergoing treatment to address any questions or concerns
13) Patients are under no obligation to proceed with treatment after consultation
14) For legal reasons, product names cannot be used in advertising. Please contact us for further information.
15) Results may vary for each person
16) Longevity of action and results of treatment may vary between people.
17) Results cannot be guaranteed
18) 2 week appointment will be provided free of charge.
19) Clinical images are to be taken at time of procedure and you are consenting for your de-identified clinical images to be used for marketing purposes by Australasian Health Group Pty Ltd.
20) Prices for our products are subject to change without notice.
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