An Overview of Hair Loss

There are many causes of hair loss. The first step is to run tests to establish the cause. Our team of highly skilled doctors in Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth will then address any reversible causes.

In many cases, a combination of treatments will maximise your results. There are several prescription medications approved for use in Australia. Below, you will find an overview of our preferred products.

Most people experience mild to moderate hair loss by the time they reach 40. Cosmétique provides various medical treatments to minimise the loss of hair. However, hair transplantation is a definitive treatment for established male and female pattern hair loss.

What Does A Hair Transplant Involve?

Hair transplantation is a process in which we painlessly extract individual follicles of hair and move (or graft) them into areas that are thinning or bald. This process provides the only permanent and guaranteed method for replacing hair.

Hair transplants are equally successful for both men and women suffering from genetic or patterned hair loss. The ultimate goal of a hair transplant is to provide patients with a completely natural-looking way to restore their hair that will also last.

At Cosmétique, our Perth, Melbourne and Brisbane doctors specialise in the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). This is a method through which individual follicular units (hair follicles) are carefully removed from the donor area in preparation for hair transplantation.

We use the smallest gauge ‘punch’ available to minimise scarring and ensure the most natural outcome. The small punch is used to make a circular incision around the graft, which is then extracted. This process is repeated until sufficient grafts have been extracted.




Will it Look Natural?

Yes. At Cosmétique, we specialise in reconstructing your hairline to give you a natural-looking pattern of hair growth. The hairline is the frame for your face and is also the crucial point where a transplant succeeds or fails. 

We are able to select single hair grafts to be placed along your hairline to recreate a perfect hairline and reframe your face. We strategically vary the density, enabling us to cover a larger area with fewer grafts.

Creating hair patterns with varying densities will mimic the pattern of natural hair growth for naturally-occurring hair. Providing a natural-looking hair transplantation with excellent results is one of the procedures we do best.

How it works

FUE Hair Transplant

Will I have scars?

In the past, we have seen massive scarring as a result of archaic procedures. At Cosmétique, we minimise scarring by using a small circular 0.7 - 1.5mm circular punch. Once healed, the scar is not visible (even if the hair was to be shaved short). You can cut and style your hair as you please without having to worry about the traditional long linear scar left by previous methods.

Will I need ANOTHER Hair Transplant Later?

The results of the hair transplant depend on the pattern, targeted areas and your budget. At Cosmétique, we can create a plan that is unique to you.

You may wish to have the whole procedure in one sitting or stage it. In the hands of our skilled doctors, hair transplants have a preservation rate of over 90% of follicles.

Will my Hair Transplant last forever?

Hair transplant surgery redistributes existing hair from the back and sides of the scalp to thinning or balding areas.

Provided that the cause of hair loss is treatable with hair transplantation, the grafts will keep producing hair for as long as they would have in their naturally-occurring capacity. When we extract hair from the donor area, we are careful not to move hair that will not last as we only utilise permanent hair.

How long until the transplanted hair grows?

After the hair is transplanted, approximately 90% will go into a Telogen Phase (resting phase) within a few weeks. New hair shafts generally take another 2 to 4 months to commence their growth period.

After the hair develops, it will grow about 1 cm per month. Good results are usually seen after the first 4 months, and your hair’s volume will be replenished after 6 to 8 months. After 12 months, the hair will have its full, finished look.

How many grafts do I need?

The number of grafts you will need depends on the size of the area to be transplanted, the thickness or density desired, and your own hair’s natural characteristics. During your consultation, our Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth doctors will discuss your individual goals and provide you with a realistic list of all of your options.

Recovery post procedure

The recovery is almost entirely cosmetic. Mentally and physically, you will be able to return to work the next day. Your return to work is entirely dependent on your own comfort level.

Most patients prefer to return to an office environment between 7 to 10 days later, to prevent anyone from knowing they have had the procedure. Patients who have some existing hair in the donor area may be able to return to work a bit earlier and may wear a hat or cap to cover any telltale signs.

You can go for a walk the day after your hair transplant, do vigorous aerobic exercise on the fifth day, lift heavy weights after two weeks, and wear a helmet to play contact sports after three weeks.


Hair restoration is minor skin surgery and has an excellent safety profile. In fact, it is one of the safest cosmetic procedures. Risks, infections and complications are extremely rare, thanks to our very stringent protocols and procedures which we have in place to ensure the highest possible standards of care.

Our Expertise

Cosmétique has a faculty of highly qualified doctors in Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth who specialise in minimally invasive hair transplantation. Using the latest technological advances and micro-transplant techniques, we can create natural results that will boost your confidence. We encourage you to talk to us about your concerns and expectations, so we can help you reach your goals.

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