Skype consultation

Skype Consultation

Our Surgeons see patients from regional Australia as well as all over the world. Many patients would like to have a clear idea of what they can expect from specific treatments and which procedures may be the best options for their needs before they travel to our practice. This is one reason why we offer Skype Consultations.

This allows you to meet with the Surgeon and talk about your options

All patients who undergo Cosmetic Surgery at Cosmetique will have an in person appointment prior to the procedure. The Skype Consultation can help you get to know our Surgeons, Nurses and Admin staff while helping us address any questions or concerns you may have in advance.

Can the Surgeon order tests from a Skype consultation?

Yes, sometimes before the surgery, you may require some blood tests or imaging to be conducted. We can send the referrals to you digitally following the Skype consultation. Also, with your consent, we can also liaise with your General Practitioner to get a copy of the results for investigations you may have had in the past.

Is it Secure?

Cosmetique uses an encrypted connection to ensure all outgoing communications are secure. We value patient privacy and take all possible measures to protect it.

How do I organise a Skype Consultation?

Please complete the forum to your right. At the time of the consultation, please ensure you are in a room where privacy is ensured. Cosmetique will contact your prior to the consultation to ensure your Skype connection is working

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Skype Consultation Disclaimer:

Online consultations are a service provided by the Surgeons at Cosmetique. By participating in this process, you understand that the information is for educational and screening purposes only. It is not intended to provide diagnosis or treatment, and in no way substitutes for an actual in-person consultation.  A face-to-face, in-person consultation is necessary prior to any Surgical procedure. Online consultations are not recorded or stored, and are not available for future use or reference.