At Cosmétique, all of our procedures are administered by professional practitioners who are able to conduct quality wrinkle relaxer treatments at all our locations. We also carry all major brands of wrinkle relaxers.Wrinkle relaxers are also uniquely positioned to complement your facial features and smile.

As the preferred provider for wrinkle relaxer treatments, Cosmetique have clinics located in Perth, Brisbane and Melbourne, as well as other locations across Australia.


When the muscles under the skin on our face are moving, the lines that form as a result of daily facial expressions become deeper over time, and eventually fold to become static wrinkles.

As we become older, the daily muscle contractions and movements of our skin leave more of a mark than before. This is due to a gradual adaptation in our skin to naturally protect itself as we age.


Anti-wrinkle injections, also known as wrinkle relaxers, work to stop the formation of static wrinkles by temporarily blocking the nerve signals that control muscle movement.

This decreased movement in the muscle reduces stress on the skin, giving you a fresher and younger appearance.

Before and After



  • 3- 5 days: Wrinkle relaxers will start working.

  • 10 days: Greatest effect will be noticed.

  • 10-14 days: A follow-up is arranged to ensure the desired result has been achieved.

Some wrinkles will disappear while others slowly fade. At Cosmétique, we use a wrinkle relaxer that acts faster than others and lasts the longest.


The treatment lasts for different periods of time in different people. Most people will require treatment every 3 months. We use a wrinkle relaxer that is long-lasting, allowing you to enjoy your youthful glow for a longer period of time.



  • From $40 per area

  • Treatment by a highly trained cosmetic injector

  • Treatment to forehead, frown line and crow’s feet

  • Top-ups included



Forehead Lines

When we raise our eyebrows, we get horizontal lines that can stretch across the length of the forehead. This is due to the ‘frontalis’ muscle. The severity depends on your age, gender and genetics.

Anti-wrinkle injections are very effective in reducing the intensity of the lines and in some cases, are enough to erase them. Regardless, our team of practitioners has helped thousands of patients achieve a more refreshed and younger look. We pride ourselves on delivering natural results rather than a ‘frozen’ look.

Frown Lines

We all frown when we express ourselves. These frown lines are caused by the facial muscles (procerus and corrugator) that pull the skin inwards and downwards, causing the skin between the brows to frown.

Over time, repeated action of these muscles causes these ‘dynamic’ lines to become ‘static’ lines. Anti-wrinkle injections are very effective in combating dynamic lines, and in most cases, they delay or prevent the formation of static lines.

Like your fingerprint, everyone has a different pattern of frowning – from the horizontal (bunny) lines to the vertical lines. Our experienced team of practitioners has helped thousands of patients erase their frown lines to achieve a wrinkle-free look, and they are ready to help you too.

Crow's Feet

When facially expressing yourself, the skin around your eyes naturally crinkles, radiating from the outer corner of your eyes. Over time, these ‘dynamic’ lines can develop into deeper ‘static’ lines.

There are four types of crow’s feet: full fan, upper, central and lower. ‘Full fan’ crow’s feet are spread wide like fingers, while ‘upper’ crow’s feet tend to angle up towards the outer brow. ‘Central’ crow’s feet are the classic type we usually think of being visible from the corner of the eyes, while ‘lower’ crow’s feet spread down into the outer cheek.

Neck Lines

Neck bands are areas of increased muscle tension within the muscles of the neck and these can also appear when smiling. These can be easily minimised through the injection of wrinkle relaxers into the band to reduce muscle tension.

Brow Lift

Wrinkle relaxers can be used effectively for brow lifts. Eyebrows can be subtly elevated by injecting wrinkle relaxers into the muscle responsible for pulling down the eyebrow (corrugator muscles and lateral orbicularis occuli muscles). Relaxing this muscle allows the forehead muscles to elevate, which opens up the eyes and creates the effect of a ’brow lift’.

The wrinkle relaxers provide a more refreshed and ‘awake’ appearance. While not all candidates are suitable for the procedure, wrinkle relaxers are a much less invasive alternative that is worth pursuing before turning to surgical procedures.

Our Cosmétique team has helped thousands of patients across Perth, Brisbane and Melbourne achieve a more open and refreshed look with brow lift procedures.

Nose Angle

When people smile, a muscle in the upper lip called the depressor nasi septi pulls down the tip of the nose. In some individuals this can be quite pronounced. By injecting wrinkle relaxers into this muscle, the muscle is weakened which causes the nose to remain upwards when smiling.

Smile Countering

Wrinkle relaxers can be used to relax the action of the depressor anguli oris (DAO) muscle that pulls down the corner of the mouth. When relaxed with anti-wrinkle injections, the sad curvature of the corner of the mouth becomes more horizontal, causing the patient to have a more naturally pleasant facial expression.

Smoker’s Lines

Upper lip vertical lines are caused by multiple factors that can be different for each patient. Some of these factors include smoking, chronic sun damage, teeth and age. Often these stubborn lines can improve with the use of wrinkle relaxers. Smoker’s lines generally need a very small dose of usually around 10 units to see the desired effect. Wrinkle relaxer treatment in the upper lip may also stop excess sweating in the area. In your initial consultation, we can discuss this with you to see what else we can do to eradicate your smoker’s lines.

Chin Dimples

Wrinkle relaxers are a great way to relax lines and dimples in the chin caused by hyperactive muscles to result in a smoother, fuller chin area. This can also help acne scars that might be accentuated by the muscle action in the chin. Very low doses of wrinkle relaxers can be very effective, with the action lasting for about 3 to 4 months. Our highly skilled cosmetic injectors can assist you further.

Face Slimming (Masseter Muscles)

By injecting the masseter muscles of the jaw, wrinkle relaxers can treat bruxism and slim the face to enhance the appearance of the cheekbones.

The masseters are the muscles along the jaw that enable us to clench and grind our teeth. These muscles can increase in size as we age, adding bulkiness to the jaw and creating the appearance of a wider, squarer shaped face.

Injecting wrinkle relaxers into the masseter muscles causes the muscle to significantly reduce in size and slim the lower face, creating an aesthetically pleasing angle of the jaw and enhancing the cheekbones. There is minimal swelling and redness as a result of the injection.

Excessive Sweating (Hyperhidrosis)

Excessive and uncontrolled sweating (known as hyperhidrosis) can occur in various parts of the body including the face, hands, feet or underarms. Hyperhidrosis may be an inherited trait that stops the body from properly regulating its temperature. Until now, excessive sweating has been difficult to control. In clinical studies, 95% of patients with hyperhidrosis that was severe enough to interfere with their daily lives experienced the benefits of anti-sweating injections. After just one week, the sweating in these patients reduced by an average of 83%.

After the first treatment, the effects of anti-sweating injections last an average of eight months and up to a year and a half. For nearly 40% of patients, anti-sweating injections reduced sweating for more than one year.

These injections work the best for underarm sweating and can be very effective for reducing sweaty palms, soles and scalp.


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